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paranoidadndroid67 karma

How would you respond to the FCPAProfessor's article which says that your NYorker article might be slightly biased to prove a point? http://fcpaprofessor.com/new-yorker-trump-organization-azerbaijan-story/

By the way, great work on the article. We need more pieces of good investigative journalism.

paranoidadndroid45 karma

Thanks for the response. That is indeed quite interesting. After reading his response, I thought that he seemed to have a bias towards proving his own point. The very fact that they chose Azerbaijan to do business is in itself a huge red flag, no matter how they try to spin it.

Quick follow up question: Can you shed some light on how you went about researching your sources and connecting the pieces, and what gave you the idea? I'm very interested in this sort of journalism and would like to know the process you followed.

paranoidadndroid12 karma

That is very helpful and quite a detailed response. This information obviously opens up a lot of avenues for potential prosecutors to look into and of course, helps the uninitiated to become aware of the shady actions of the people involved. Thanks for doing this and keep up the good work!