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How do you handle injuries?

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Ray, thanks for doing this.

Given the relative recency of the Great Financial Crisis, central banks seemed to respond swiftly to the emerging coronavirus threat. However, those actions, like last time, are propping up financial assets to prevent a banking crisis, rather than providing the desperately needed fiscal stimulus.

In the US, the fiscal stimulus is great in overall size, but I'm skeptical of the effectiveness for average Americans.

Philosophy aside, seems like financial assets should again seem rich vs fundamentals, but justified by monetary policies. Should that net out to a low growth environment as fundamentals catch up to prices?

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Its clear that stimulus will benefit asset values while main Street economics suffer. Given current measures, how long can average household / small business balance sheets last? Is anything being done to prevent massive bankruptcies and evictions?

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Can you highlight the hypocrisies of politicians allowing mass surveillance of the public and protecting themselves/preferred others? How are they treating the private sector?

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The conservative media apparatus has been decades in the making and has been indoctrinating viewers with propaganda for years. Now they have a platform completely devoid of reality where they can claim anyone telling the true is actually just being partisan. Politicians up and down the ticket have bought into the messaging as well, eagerly or reluctantly. What is the road back from that?