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I am an engineering student working in a university lab developing satellites. I hope to pursue a career in satellite design. Politics will undoubtedly shape my career path. What do you think I should be aware of? Your opinion on the future of the space industry and how it will affect the engineers working in the field? I am currently through the first few pages of "Space as a Strategic Asset", but otherwise I have very little exposure to the current or historical politics of the space industry.

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Several moments where the main characters are presumed to be "lost forever"...

The Frankenstein butcher electrician...

The screen turning completely red right before the human owner is about to be crushed...

I can appreciate good animation, music and story, but I think I came across this film when I was far too young, it freaked me out quite a bit too.

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Do you have any other comments on trends in the industry? We're designing some cubesats in our lab, so I definitely see the miniaturization trend, but I'm trying to gauge how that will impact future job prospects. Based on the minimal feedback I've gotten from industry professionals, I presume it's wise to aim for space-related start-ups, especially for my early career. I recognize your NDAs, but do you foresee any particular technology or application (cameras for mapping/spying?) gaining a lot of traction over the next decade or so?

I know SpaceX and Orbital Sciences will open up cheaper launches to space, but I'm not really sure what kinds of new missions that will ultimately open the door for, aside from the crafts being smaller/more numerous.

I haven't heard of Surrey before, are there any other corporations I should be aware of? I know of a few large names in the industry such as Boeing and Northrop Grumman, but I haven't heard as much about the smaller more specialized corporations

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It seems like this research could be used to characterize the risks inherent in transporting humans to Mars. Do you foresee any other direct applications of your research findings?