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Or work at companies where the titles are different. I knew a 'QA Engineer' who was convinced that title only referred to people like her who tested batches of chips with machine code for appliances. I had to show her a job listing that required certs in project management and was totally different from her job before she realized it was more of a catch-all term.

Doesn't help that QA (Quality Analyst), Quality Engineer, Software QA Engineer, QA Team Associate, QC Engineer, QA (and QC) Project Managers are all things that are all different.

Edit: Except when they're not different.

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> Especially boys, who suffer from some very harsh socialization growing up which teaches them to be dominant and forceful, and this contributes to why over 95% of perpetrators of sexual assault are men.

Say wot now?


95%? Ninety five percent?

I worked in clubs and bars, as bartender, bouncer, server, and house musician. Both professionally and off-shift, I have had my dick grabbed, been flashed, been drunkenly propositioned, been catcalled, been bitten, been cornered in a dark parking lot by a carful of drunk women, and even once had a woman I was leasing a room from threaten to and then carry out evicting me because I wouldn't respond to her passes. And that's just fucking me. I have also witnessed two men I know get raped, if we go by the definition of 'forced unwilling sex' and not the legal definition which doesn't - under U.S. federal law, the FBI statutes, or near half of U.S. states, include any definition that doesn't require being forcefully penetrated.

It's not "ninety-five percent" because of boys being taught to be "dominant and forceful." It's because boys and adult men have been taught from experience that it's perfectly acceptable behavior to society and the law if a woman does it and even when you complain nobody will give a shit. Because it is, and they won't.

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And yet, that's exactly what it is. So maybe those stats should change. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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so, it's been an hour, and there are a few really good questions here, especially regarding gender and male victims... is this AMA still going to happen?

::taps mic:: is this thing on?

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The Mask You Live In

It also paints women as completely without fault in this process, has a one-dimensional view of masculine traits as they currently exist, and projects all women as victims of all men. It made me feel like a prospective sexual predator just by watching it.

Not really something I would want a shelter I'm forced to go to by an abusive partner to be putting up on screen. Seeing as I'm a man, and I have been subject to sexual assault, (as well as child abuse primarily from my mother)(clarify: not sexual assault from my mother), I would not want to watch a movie that made me feel like it was my fault because patriarchy, and that women like the women who assaulted me or my mother who physically and emotionally abused me were just me misinterpreting things, it was really other mens' fault she was like that.

Oh, and that guy Dr. Kimmel in the movie is creepy as hell and seems to secretly loathe men. I want nothing to do with what he's selling.

Edited for clarity, because my mother did not sexually assault me, poor phrasing there