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How was working with Disasterpeace? I think the soundtrack was one of the best things about Fez, and completely made the experience for me. How much input did both of you have on the music?

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Get Out rocks. All of Blue Sky Noise is just a masterpiece.

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Was the musical shift towards a more ambient sound on Welcome Oblivion a conscious decision or did it just happen completely naturally?

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Hey, my name is Daniel and I met Dan at DBFH5 a few years back. You guys have inspired me more than anyone else to work towards becoming a game desginer even though my health continues to have issues.

My question: has the stress required to make the show every week ever almost eclipsed the joy you get in making it?

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How long has the idea for Steven Universe been floating around in your head before becoming a realized show, and how did your experience working on Adventure Time influence the idea? What I like most about Steven Universe is how it takes the innocent atmosphere and timing from early AT episodes and channels it into something completely new and different.