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The best way in minimizing anxiety on a day to day level is referred to as "mindfulness", simply saying that keeping your focus on the present and the task at hand will not eliminate all anxiety, but in most cases, make it far more manageable. It's important to remember that those who struggle with various levels of anxiety, it's due to their focus on the future versus the present. -KA

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What your describing is not unusual in this day and age with the combination of covid isolation and high tech devices in the home. I would suggest your son talk to a therapist about his anxieties and start in a virtual setting through his computer. It would allow him to practice some basic introductory social skills without having to leave the safety of the house. Your policy for not pushing him is a sound one. -KA

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Thank you for all the thoughtful questions. I enjoyed answering them! -KA

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Yes. It's taking a closer look at the components that have you feeling broken. With the help of a professional, confront those contributors to make you whole again. - KA

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First of all, it sounds as if the environment, despite your caring for this woman was highly toxic.

In general, I think people who have ended their relationship benefit from grieving the relationship they have just lost before entering into a new relationship. Sitting down with either a grief counselor (there are many available specializing in relationships) or if you are comfortable, a local clergy could be beneficial.