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Wow, this is perfect timing! We were just discussing the possibility of this: I didn't know it already existed. My question is, how is the data handled? I am talking especially about the new restrictions in the EU, where you need to allow someone to film/photograph you. To specify: if one would assist a blind person for example in traffic and other persons are being filmed, is this a violation of those restrictions? Thank you for your work and this AMA!

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Thank you for your answer, I still don't get the compliance with GDPR. Does this mean it can't be used in public? Or is this usage free under the restrictions? Feel free to just tell me if this question goes to deep into technicalities which you don't want to share and I will stop bothering you. It's really just interest from my side, because I had my fair share of problems with the new restrictions. :)

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Will do that, thank you! I may should read up a bit on the issue, maybe I am just not informed enough. Again thanks for your work in this project and for taking the time to answer all questions!