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Would you play again given the opportunity to do so?

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Hey Malcolm. Big fan of you on both of your seasons of Survivor.

Is there anything you learned from being on Survivor that you think will help in your Wayfaring trip across the USA?

Anywhere in the USA you hope you do visit or don't visit?

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DAC! I haven't seen you in years. It's Canadian Chris. We used to be con buddies back in the day and and had no idea you worked for Reddit nor that you had leukemia until yesterday. There are still times I talk about moments with friends that involve you, such as the elevator Star-Man-Theme dance party at Otakon 2005 or everything that happened at Tekko 2006.

I wish you the best and a quick and speedy recovery, and hope that you can find a match! I will be sending over a donation in the next couple of days and seeing if there is anything I can do with regards to an international bone marrow testing kit!

And because it's AMA, what is your all time favorite video game? And how do you feel about the time you ran over Melly's suitcase with your car before Katsucon 2007?