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A long (long) time ago, you did a show with They Might Be Giants where you announced a joint venture to fix their Dial-A-Song service. This obviously never came to be, though you'll be happy to know that the service was recently resurrected here in the year 2015.

So what happened there?

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I like to imagine that with System Shock, you were Ridley Scott and Ken Levine was James Cameron. Comment?

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The narrative in my head supposes the bureaucracy at Disney is what eventually did Epic Mickey and especially Epic Mickey 2 in. You have made it abundantly clear in interviews past that working with Disney was a dream, and I'm sure the NDA's won't allow you to say as much even if you wanted to.

But please, from someone who bought both games on release and found things to enjoy in these hamstrung but still exciting games.

What happened?

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Good job at the award show, Geoff - looking forward to next year's. Love your work, admire your career, and am a huge fan.

I have a comment, followed by a question: everyone can squabble over one game "snubbed" over another, but my one major critique of your award show is that I feel the "best art direction" category was overwhelmingly mis-nominated. With the exception of the winner (Ori and the Blind Forest), all other nominees featured art styles that exemplified long, long (long) running industry standards. I would genuinely hope that the point of an award is to send a message that a game accomplished something noteworthy, rather than reinforce very basic standards (brooding, realistic, dark, muscular people, etc etc etc)

My question: what the heck were you looking down at over and over again during the whole show?