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Maybe things were different in Russia but friends of mine from other soviet-bloc countries (one in particular whose family was well-connected party members) said the average person was bad off for a long time, and even for the upper class there was no personal freedom and nothing really comparable to western 'luxuries' unless you were among the elite.

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that's.. disturbing and hilarious at the same time. made my morning lol

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What was the #1 case that you never thought in a million years would get solved, but did?

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PA and NP are more likely to misdiagnose, order unnecessary tests and prescribe the wrong medication. It's kind of like going to H&R Block vs. a tax attorney.

For instance, an NP that used to work at one of my rotation sites (I'm a medical student) couldn't tell the difference between diaper rash and skin cancer. Supervision is very important because of the 'know what you don't know element'

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the techs on my surgery clerkship were uniformly nice at least to me. A few of the surgeons were assholes to the techs though.