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My brother is an alcoholic and it's really hurting my family. I had considered contacting the show, what sort of cases do the show look for? I don't want to lie on the "application", but it would be useful to know if he is a good candidate for the show.

Edit: I wonder if the down-votes are from my redditor brother trying to dissuade me, lol.

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her name is Ann, not egg. Also, her?

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This is called hidden city booking and the airlines are wise to your antics! If you aren't a frequent flyer with the airline then you're probably going to be OK. But if you travel on the airline a lot and have a lot of miles then they may punish you by taking away miles or even kick you out of the program entirely.

www.flyertalk.com has stickied forum post dedicated to this ploy with lots of stories.

edit: The only time you should EVER think about doing this is on your way home. Truncating your ticket, forfeiting the rest of the flights should be OK once in awhile, but don't do it at the start or in the middle of your trip or else the rest of the flights will likely be cancelled.

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They're filing the 3rd season as we speak

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even if they're a shill (which might not be the case), are they providing real information? I only ask because I was surprised to find out that neonics can be used without killing bees. Like, it's not an all-or-nothing game here.