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In case you didn't see their other reply:

Whatever water-resistant foundation you like, waterproof sephora eyeshadow crayon, at least two layers of urban decay's all-nighter setting spray.

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I told a dude to show me his ass for some beads he desperately wanted and he hemmed and hawed and refused and asked in a few different ways and then tried to rip off his lady friend's shirt so that he could get my beads.

So as open as dudes might be with their tits, some find their butts to be so private that they'd rather assault someone to get beads.

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To be fair, he had been yearning for this definition of manhood for years. It likely wasn't all testosterone that caused the change, but the fulfillment of a lifelong dream and shedding a huge component of his insecurity.

It's like how confidence and libido increase in trans people (both MTF and FTM) after they transition.

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The ABC technique is really clever!

This is a great AMA. I feel like often women from sex industries who do AMAs really play up the sexiness and it makes the AMA come across as practically a sex service in itself. You have been really informative and professional!

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I've worked there, and it depends on the animal. Lots of the exhibits are larger and more natural than most zoos have. Some of the facilities are older and not as ideal, eg the bats have trouble keeping cool because of how much direct sunlight and how little circulation they get. But they have a great team of keepers and researchers who actively work to fix these things.

Another challenge at Disney is the bureaucratic structure and largely seniority-driven promotions and decision-making. A low-level researcher or keeper could have a great idea to fix a problem, but because they're low-level, or because the current structure was created by someone with overblown pride, or because their boss kind of doesn't like them, or because it just takes so long and has to go through so many people to be accepted, these critical changes don't get made. This depends somewhat on the specific team though.