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Maybe if Wayne's World and the Blues Brothers didn't exist.

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So does meth really give you the uncontrollable desire to clean things? If so, what was the most extreme example of this?

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Knowing Hans Zimmer works with Pharrell makes my day.

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Dude. Get surgery. My brother had a 80 degree curvature in his upper back, then a 40 degree curvature in his lower back in the opposite direction. He got surgery at the end of his senior year of high school, and he started college in the fall. It only gets worse if you leave it alone, but if you don't trust me, talk to a doctor. My brother gained 5 inches after the surgery. His posture is perfect. He's picking up chicks. His life is exponentially better. I highly recommend surgery.

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I'm a Secondary Math Ed major. Any advice on how I can spark an interest in math with my students?