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"Inside every cynical person is a disappointed idealist." - George Carlin

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I also know several people who identify as non-op transsexuals, feeling comfortable with, as you said, being a girl with a penis/ man with vagina. I'm about to go into left field for a sec, so bear with me before you respond.

There is a growing acceptance, among hetero identifying men, of watching and being turned on by transsexual porn. Now, while I realize this fetishises transgenders, and not something many people like yourself would be happy with, I think it reflects a deeper change. Cis hetero men often lash out at others vis a vis transgenderism/homosexuality because they feel it challenges their sexuality and they have to refute it in the most "masculine" way possible. Violence and threats of violence. If more cis men are watching and admitting to watching trans porn, they are accepting transgenderism as not being that challenge it one was, and are becoming more accepting. Thus, there is the possibility of a socially acceptable 3rd/4th genders if you want to split up mtf and ftm.

If this is the case, that in the future these 3rd/4th genders become incorporated into society, do you think more transsexuals would be happy in these socitial roles, or do you feel there would still be the same levels of dysphoria?

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God bless Alton Brown for teaching me what that was.

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How do you feel about the plausibility of the Aquatic Ape theory?