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In high school, my parents were on cruise. I'm only kid. It was late night and I was in basement entertainment room watching porn, errr, A Team. It was very large home. I heard faint crashing sound from upstairs and one of the alarm panels began alerting. Not good. Grabbed phone and ran off to a remote room that was ultimate hiding spot. 911 lady was amazing in keeping me calm until cops arrived. She was super thorough in questioning everything about scene and what I knew. Real calming voice. In end she told me to sprint to a door I told her to send cops. Guy left leaving only footprints in snow leading to woods. Go Polar Bears.

-Rewriten for russian accent...

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Makes me think of Men in Black when they visit the worms' apartment.

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I used to work in the garbage industry. Our number one pet peeve was people either not bagging their trash, or almost worse, bagging it but not tying the bag shut.