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How many sweet Aussie titties have flashed you in the drive thru?

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Stating facts is not "denigrating", it is a statement of truth, no matter how bad.

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Big fan. Ralphie May told a story of you being down and out and you owned a ceramics factory in Mexico. Was it really because you fucked the booker in the Houston comedy club and talked shit about her? I think that's funny as hell.

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Why is playing politics the way things are nowadays? What happen to honest moral people running for office, telling the truth (not their opinions of facts that I see over and over again) and the public and press calling out politicians on their bullshit until they tell the truth?

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Got a remote job for a recently diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis patient? 16 years self-employed with both a BS and MBA. Very reliable and self-efficient. As you can see, I am a little desperate as I cannot do my former self-employment work (too physical) and the pandemic has dried up the job market. Desperate times call for desperate measures.