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Nerd question: did you actually do any of the coding on Tonic?

Music question: have you ever played any fiddle songs and, if so, which is trickier for you, classical or fiddle?

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Awesome thank you! I'll check it out!

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Not Ray (obviously) but I'm in there with you, 35 and self study (never played before Oct though). I see comments on YT videos and fiddle/violin sites where people are picking it up at 60+, 70+. People like us aren't going to make it to Ray's level, obviously, but my goal is to get good enough to play at church, at least for like Christmas and such.

One note, one song at a time. Literally just the other night I finally played Lightly Row by myself all the way through with no sheet music. My next goal is Song of the Wind and to do Lightly Row with a metronome.

The great thing about being adults starting, we're never going to get to Ray's level! We're not competing for scholarships and such. We can learn at our own pace, doing what we can as we get there, and most importantly, for fun.