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paintandprimer1 karma

Go back to playing with your little lame toys.

paintandprimer-5 karma

You made your comment to me three hours ago. I JUST responded and in less than a minute you replied. Yeah, you’re not always on Reddit, btw I think you should get to bed, big day at work tomorrow. Isn’t tomorrow the day that you have to clean the grease traps? I’m done responding to you after this, loser.

paintandprimer-8 karma

Probably because I actually have a life and dont sit on Reddit all day while waiting for mom to heat up mini pizza bagels for me as I sit in her basement/your “apartment”

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lol maybe we can do a joint AMA. We are Reddit users that searched by new, AMA

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My question is this. Why would you think anyone would care about you enough to do an AMA?