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How are you doing ? 2nd holiday season without him - you holding up ok ?

Do you know how awesome you are ?

Do you know how lucky you are to be able to have made a difference in all those lives ?

when my buddy died it was a few days to get a team of experts out here to take him apart - I think I was told the organs went to 7 diff people, but its hard to remember the details sometimes.

Be Well :-)

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HUG from random internet stranger >>>><<<<

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Yes - Not lucky for the whole thing, lucky they were able to do something positive...survivors are allowed that comfort imho, like they are allowed to grieve, and to eventually heal as well as they are able to...

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I'd rather climb turbines out in the middle of nowhere - I've been sitting in the cube farm long enough ;)

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I have a computer science and aerospace background and am an avid climber - is that enough or do I need something mechanical ?