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ありがとうございます! 音楽は本当に強力なものですね。

Translation: The reason I got interested in music...I'm not sure (laughs). I seem to just be that type of living thing/person. I haven't received much training in musical performance and didn't study composition that much in depth, but whether or not you study, I think it's very important to create many songs. Preferably while having fun!

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翻訳: 崎元仁さん、はじめまして、大ファンです! どうやって音楽に興味を持つようになった? 楽曲を習いたい方にアドヴァイスがありますか?

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Hi Sakimoto-san, huge fan here! How did you get into music? Are there any suggestions you’d make to someone who’s interested in learning composition?