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I had four Western Digital Green 1TB (WD10EARS) die on me. I bought two, they both died in short period of time, I got replacements, they both died, unfortunately just after guarantee... however, one "sort of" works - you just have to punch it (literally) for it to start, sometimes it works right off.
Any relevant story?

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All are from Thailand. One "runs", but has multiple data corruption, smart errors, one time even caused bsod, was made 22 Mar 2012. The punchable one is from 20 Nov 2012. They're both recertified (white sticker).
Two original ones were also from Thailand, I don't have any info on them anymore though. Both died the same way - couldn't spin up - you could hear the motor restarting several times and eventually giving up.
edit: I bought them in March 2010 so they must be older

I have a Hitachi deskstar 2TB from 2009 which works perfectly to this day, in the same pc... so I don't think it's something in my system

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The warranty is gone now. Replacements run the same warranty as originals, they don't prolong it significantly (30 days if I remember correctly).

If you can, try to buy WD drives from Malaysia if its between 2011/2012.

Yeah, I don't think I'm buying anything from WD, but thanks

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Isn't kidney trade legal in Iran? You could travel and get a transplant there.