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Its tragic what is happening and you deserve your own state. But if you research you will find the Arab world has also treated Palestinians like the bastard Arab population, if you will, forever. Kind of like how Jews were always treated. Amazing that both don't focus on the similarities and not the differences.

The Arab world now uses the Palestinians as a means to keep the arab world incensed about Israel. But the rest of the Arab world has never cared about Palestinians.

Learned all this from a Palestinian.

Let's hope a lightbulb goes off in some heads and the hate and fighting stops for good.

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No questions just a big thanks for doing what you are doing. Victims of domestic abuse need a safe haven.

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Chronic diseases suck. I have MS. Maintain a positive attitude, study in the Internet and experience joy everyday. Doesn't have to be grand. It can smelling a flower. Just pause and let it seep into your soul..

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What is one story you would like to do in depth but can't?

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Bless you. I hope your child enjoys all aspects of life seeing or not.