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Will the show still be produced in/around Minneapolis or will it move elsewhere?

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Can you talk a bit about Rifftrax distributing old episodes? Have things changed so that the Rifftrax crew and others now receive residuals? Or is Rifftrax just selling MST on a commission basis?

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It should be noted that Manning did not just put the unedited cables out there for all to see. The whole thing got out there because of Wikileaks or their media partners, depending on which of them you ask.

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EW said you hope to involve past cast members and writers. I know that some of those people are not happy with the business side of things. Have fences been mended in a way where we could possibly see some of the old team produce/write/distribute/cameo the new MST?

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I kept pretty close tabs on the Arab Spring, especially Egypt, and I laughed in amazement at the hamfisted, transparent asshole leaders like Mubarak. Then I watched the globe respond to Syrian refugees not with compassion and help but with right wing xenophobia. Now America has the stupidest and least qualified elected head of state in history...do you feel like it's kind of karmic turnabout for the west's meddling in MENA and how annoying is it to have happened right after you moved here?