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What are your favourite disguise shoes? I've heard that one way to spot a tail is that although they will often change their appearance through the use of layered clothing, and altering their silhouette, one common downfall is maintaining the same pair of shoes - because they are well-fitting, shoes can't be layered, and carrying extra shoes means significant additional bulk. What shoes get around this? What shoes are popular for field work?

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It absolutely applies here, relationships, like job hiring, have a temporal aspect to their nature. You can't pick everyone who meets the requirements. You have to pick someone at a particular moment, and if you're wrong the ideal person may no longer be available once you realize your error.

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I've met people for whom this is really important. Like, really really important. To the extent of religious compatibility actually being their primary requirement above all else.

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A good question about my question. The answer is that you do switch tails, but resources are finite, and coordination is a significant factor. If you have say, 15 people as tails throughout a day (still a high number by most measures), but the target goes into areas where the presence of anyone from a previous location would be more than a coincidence, then someone has to become less recognizable.

It's much easier to coordinate a small number of people who are good at changing and not blowing their cover than to try and do the same with dozens of people who never change.

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Dating, especially modern dating, is absolutely the secretary problem, that's the point. But the app showing one and only one match makes it far, far worse as a factor.

It's the "norm" these days for people to go on dates or at least pre-screen for dates with multiple people simultaneously. I don't like it, and it certainly wasn't the way back in my youth (not even that old...) but at the fast pace of modern life dating multiple people before going "exclusive" allows multiple people with limited time a non-committal way to learn more about each other without excluding other options.

Maybe Juliet claims to optimise out this issue and provide users with better matches the first time around, rather than multiple wasted dates, but if it doesn't then the issues behind the secretary problem absolutely apply to this app, and given that its matching is entirely AI-driven it's fitting using a model that may-or-may-not reflect what people actually want out of a relationship, especially if they answer with what they think they want.

Pretty much the only counter with relationships is that it is possible to get back together with an ex in a way that the secretary problem in pure form does not allow for.