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What are your favourite disguise shoes? I've heard that one way to spot a tail is that although they will often change their appearance through the use of layered clothing, and altering their silhouette, one common downfall is maintaining the same pair of shoes - because they are well-fitting, shoes can't be layered, and carrying extra shoes means significant additional bulk. What shoes get around this? What shoes are popular for field work?

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A good question about my question. The answer is that you do switch tails, but resources are finite, and coordination is a significant factor. If you have say, 15 people as tails throughout a day (still a high number by most measures), but the target goes into areas where the presence of anyone from a previous location would be more than a coincidence, then someone has to become less recognizable.

It's much easier to coordinate a small number of people who are good at changing and not blowing their cover than to try and do the same with dozens of people who never change.

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How much influence did Chris's stint at Shed Studios in Harare have on the early days of the band? I'd be really interested in knowing how the two things link up.

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Can't say I'm surprised - it's a pretty obscure place mostly notable for its association with the Bhundu Boys, who became vaguely popular in some music scenes the UK in the late 80s. It's one of the things that convinced me to give Coldplay a listen in their early days though - I'd been a fan of said Shed Studio band, knew about Chris's gap year out there, went from there really.