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That is a very important, and often, underconsidered point. In addition to the thing you mentioned about giving your immune system a head start, I would also imagine the pathology cause by the resulting inflammation (in response to high dose virus) would by much more severe, and would manifest much quicker. Both specialized immune cells and non immune cells (ie epithelial cells) have mechanisms of detecting viral infection within themselves and can trigger pathways that lead to release of molecules that promote inflammation (cytokines). If sustained this can by highly hazardous to tissue health and function. So I would imagine being exposed to high dose virus vs low dose virus would even have enormous implications independant of the adaptive immune response trying to control the virus.

Also, as you could imagine, this is really difficult to test clinically in humans (cause ethics and all that).

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Whatever you do, don't donate directly to any university. In my experience they are filled with incompetant beaurocrats that will waste your money on other departments that need funding or worse, on useless administrators

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Hey MAPS! Firstly, I'd like to say how much respect I have for your organization and the people it employs. I think psychedelics have the potential to be a very powerful tool in many situations. Thanks for doing this AMA, and please keep up the great work.

  1. What are your thoughts on analogues of psychedelics, such as 1p-lsd or 4-Aco-Dmt? . It's my understanding (and my pharmacology prof) that due to a very similar structure, these substances likely possess very similar pharmacodynamics as their mother molecule. Is this accurate?

  2. How would one get involved in an organization such as yours? I'm very interested in pharmacology, and may pursue it as a graduate degree, but currently, I'm in molecular biology.

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What was your typical day like in grad school in astronomy? Im assuming a lot of it is data analysis from your telescope time. I'm in grad school as well (molecular bio) and just can't imagine what grad school is like outside of a wet lab.

Congrats btw!