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Hi! Big fan – I grew up in Bozeman but then my parents moved and I can pretty confidently say that I will never be able to live there again. Big Sad but thats how it goes. I'm an older genZ, and I really enjoy reading all your stuff about burnout – a lot of it feels pretty similar to my experiences, generational divide aside.

Do you have a dumb expensive house in Missoula/Bzn/around MT that you're keeping an eye on right now? Real estate snooping is a passion of mine and I always have a couple around town I keep tabs on.

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I REMEMBER THAT HOUSE! A friend is at UM and we were talking about it a while ago. imo a two car garage is too small for the house – making some assumptions about the types of cars + toys a family with that type of budget would have. Like if we're talking 2-3 cars/boat/ATVs/sleds/snowblower/all the accompanying stuff that you seem to end up with you got too much house and not enough space