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This really isn't a thing anymore. It used to be that hiring a hacker was hiring some of the only people in the world who really understood security or penetration testing, but now it's more of a liability to hire someone with that kind of attitude.

It would be like a locksmith shop hiring someone convicted of picking locks. It's not really that hard to pick locks, picking locks doesn't nesscery give you an understanding of making locks, and now you have a criminal getting more access and more training to picking locks and potentially being made aware of houses and businesses with poor locks.

I run several servers for several clients and whenever we have a breach I'm never like "wow what a genius I wish he was working for us" it's usually just some asshole with too much time on his hands who used a mediocre method that some low level employee left open.

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Any plans to decentralize data? I think the biggest problem with a lot of social media today is you get locked in because you can't take your followers or friends with you. It gives the platform complete control over you and potentially your career. Would like to see some effort towards decentralizing this.