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osuAEKDB2114 karma

Thank you guys for creating heaven on Earth, it makes my year every year and I want to share it with everybody important to me before I die. My questions:

  1. Will Deadmau5 be allowed to play as long as he wants on the What or will he have a set 1.5/2 hours?

  2. In 2013 we had the Soul Superjam and the Hip-Hop Superjam, and in 2014 we had the electronic Superjam, so in 2016 can we please for the LOVE OF GOD get a Pretty Lights Superjam? He's got a great history with Roo and consistently puts on amazing sunrise sets every time he comes. He perfectly blends together all those genres into his unique style, with all his sampling knowledge he'd undoubtedly design a stellar setlist, and he already DJ'S live musicians when he plays with his band. You guys would make my life :)