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One of my team members needed a hair cut and I told him I was the best Italian Barber in the military. I never cut hair in my life. I cut his and he looked like a dog with mange. He literally almost shot me. Imgur

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Here is a link to my book. I wrote it, not a ghost writer. I plan on writing more.
65 Years of Secrecy by John Cardinalli Link: http://amzn.com/B00ODQ82OS

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Battle of the Bulge. Our team completely split up, by ourselves, with just radios to communicate. Everyone was completely on their own for 2 days.

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My grandson will do the typing. Bare with us if there are delays in answers, we will be eating soon. Italians always have an early dinner on Sundays.

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It was 65 years before I was ready to talk and write about it. I'm 94, so it was time. The FBI and CIA declassified my missions in 2008.