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How do you feel about your Urban Dictionary definition? http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=david%20blaine

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Many current vapers are dismayed by the "you can 'vape' anywhere" marketing claims/push by companies like Blu and Njoy.

What are your feelings (personal and/or "blu's") about vaping in places where smoking is not currently allowed due to federal/state regulations? Is it truly acceptable to "vape anywhere"?


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Does blu have any plans to expand past the cigalike type ecigs it currently markets into larger batteries with more power (for longer life between recharges and more vapor), and/or liquid dispensers (cartomizers, clearomizers) that have more capacity?

Will standalone liquid available from blu?


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I'm honestly surprised no one's asked about the 1 disposable = 2 packs claim; I never used disposables so would feel disingenuous asking, but it's the biggest lie/turnoff re: "drugstore" type ecigs.


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Is it blu's position then that prefilled cartomizers will not be a "point of contention" re: FDA regulations?

Cartomizers will still need to be filled with a liquid, be it available separately or not.

(For those reading along + not familiar with "cartomizers"... they are a hollow metal tube with a coil that heats up inside; the coil is surrounded by a "filler" material and saturated with liquid. The cartomizer is attached to a battery which powers/heats up the coil, vaporizing the surrounding liquid into inhalable vapor.)