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While WT.Social sounds like a noble idea and I'm excited to check it out, are you at all worried that it will be held back by the fact that the name isn't fun or catchy? I admit it's silly, but sadly this kind of thing matters when trying to attract users.

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His name is Bruce Sackman. He had no choice but to become a special agent with that name.

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That's a fair point! I think Wiki.Social or even Wiki.Friends would've been better, and I'm sure there are others. Maybe I'm just nitpicking but I would like for this to succeed.

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I love outlook.com but there are a few things keeping me from completely switching from Gmail (and I really do want to switch):

  1. In conversation view, when I delete a conversation from my inbox, the corresponding sent mail isn't deleted from my sent folder. In Gmail, deleting a conversation from the inbox causes the sent mail to be deleted as well. Why isn't that the default behavior on outlook.com? It's a pretty big usability oversight in my opinion.

  2. When I email someone, their address is automatically added to my address book and there's no way to remove it. This is particularly annoying when you email with ebay/Amazon/Craigslist sellers once but their addresses pop up as suggestions forever.

  3. I use Firefox, and every time I open outlook.com, the page completely refreshes after 5-10 seconds—usually right in the middle of my doing something. It's infuriating.

Is there any chance of these things getting fixed or, in the case of the first two, at least adding options to delete sent mail and mailed-to email addresses.

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My brother had LASIK and ran into a major complication—his immune system seemed to attack one of his eyes after surgery (that was the doctors' best guess apparently). This caused his cornea to ripple and made his vision much worse than it was before the surgery. Thankfully, he began using special drops immediately and over a few months the issue subsided and his sight improved to almost 20/20.

So my question is this: since we're brothers, could there be a genetic component that I need to be aware of should I decide to get LASIK in the future? Is that the kind of thing I should mention to the doctors beforehand in case there are any precautions they can take? Or do you think it was just a freak thing with my brother's own body or possibly how the procedure was done?

For what it's worth, neither of us have any known autoimmune diseases or anything like that, but it was scary enough that I'd like to do everything possible to prevent the same thing from happening to me.

Thanks for your time!