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not sure how pawn shops work in real life in usa, so don't be mad for stupid question?

if person a pawns a golden ring, do you put it on display that moment he pawns it, or after he doesn't make any payments?
how long do you wait for pawner (person who pawned) to pay interest before you put it on sale?
do you usually sell stuff from shop or trough ebay?

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does local population get "angry" when you destroy their fields?

oridjinal1 karma

does us mil protect/use poppy fields?

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please tell more about london-jo'anna, how did you find it, and how/on what grounds an airline company didn't accept it, and what did you do after? (did you sue them? why not?)

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wait...how do you dry them? with your blades? or do you have some extra fan below?

and how come the "wind" you are making is not damaging the fruit?

first time i hear about this thing