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Britisher here - On many trips to the US I also have found Americans to be very warm and genuinely friendly. Don't understand the hate they sometimes get.

You were wrong about your burger choice btw, Wendy's pisses all over anything you can get from Denny's.

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They're wedged in their bottom lips

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With you here.

When your granny makes soup - boils up chicken bones to remove all traces of meat then it's all wholesome and wonderful. If a factory uses water to remove food from a carcass then it's a dystopian nightmare.

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By definition a "legitimate" asylum claim means the first safe country, no?

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Can you give us an outline of your background? Where you were from, rich/poor and if you had any political affiliations etc? Btw, I'm a westerner who escaped the centrifuge at home in the West to lead a freer life in Vietnam.