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Your lesbian porn is being streamed from a server over the internet and to your browser. The ads are loaded in their entirety when you load the page, so usually the granny ads will load faster.

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Get your neighbours to write in. Though, in fairness London isn't a priority for FTTP because it already has a reasonably good broadband network. That, and there's plenty of competition from other fibre suppliers in London.

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Lots of people moving to and from the network and probably people reporting faults.... which I'd suggest you do.

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It was a ballsy move for them to offer free broadband. I don't personally think their sums added up. With regard to coverage, we're already pretty much there. 96% of the UK can get broadband. Copper technology isn't being deployed much now. Fibre is taking its place. It will not be a quick process to get the country onto fibre, but it is happening.

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Using the master socket will get you the best speeds. Any joint in an electrical circuit will add electrical loss (signal degradation) which will give you slower speeds. Internal wiring in your home may not be up to date and could be affecting your speed quite significantly.