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How do you feel when young people say things like "___ is literally Hitler"?

How do you feel about comparisons drawn between modern politics and those of Germany in the 30s and 40s?

You were young when Hitler came to power and still young when the war broke out. How involved we're you in politics? How much did you understand?

Thank you for doing this AmA. I agree with your grandchildren that it is important to preserve the memories of our elders, regardless of whether we agree with what they did, or not.

EDIT: I didn't allow for Germany having different social norms. It makes sense that they don't refer to Hitler in such flippant ways.

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Hi Adam. My wife and I both love Go The Fuck to Sleep and You Have to Fucking Eat.

I'm a stepfather to my wife's kids, as such I missed a lot of the experiences that you talk about in the books, so I find it beneficial to have your books as a doorway to moments in my wife and kids lives. Thank you.

How do you think your daughter will react when she understands that you've written books about your experiences with her? At what age do you plan on talking to her about the books (if she doesn't already know)?

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Are these likely to cause problems with metal detectors and other security screeners? My guess is no, because I don't think they're large enough.

Have you had any fun time with ladies (or gents) with piercings?

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(I know I'm late to the party, but still...)

Does anybody else think it's complete BS that our heroes are not being flown over to Normandy, free of charge? I think the air force probably has a plane or two spare right now.

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I wish I lived in the same world you live in.