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I am also illegal, but my parents brought me here when I was 2-4 months old (I'm 24). I haven't been to college for obvious reasons, and I have never owned a car. You guys take for granted the gift of driving. :( Try running 6 miles just to go to the gym. Lol

Edit: Also, you don't know the feelings of utter hopelessness. Or when people ask why you aren't going to school because you come off very intelligent. Suffice to say, I developed horrible social anxiety; this being a great contributing factor.

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Hug. Man, I am sorry. I am glad you still have faith in God and humanity. I almost wish religion never existed.

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I don't even want to touch my penis now. :(

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I know, I am a Catholic, and, honestly, I believe the world would be better off without religion. (Religion is not some moral compass; even priest commit horrible crimes. So that argument as to why we need religion becomes void.)

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No water, no need for dumps, ect. Hated societies.