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I gave you the domain ecmascript.org as part of my OpenDomain.Org project so developers could have an easy way to find information about ECMA without using a search engine. The site is now dead - do you know what is going on?

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Thank you!

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Flow Pharma is the inventor of the vaccine - they are a FOR PROFIT angel backed company. Why do they need crowdfunding? What is your exact relationship with them?

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Thank you for the reply! I may be able to generate a large donation for the project. I am the founder of OpenDomain - a non-profit that gives domains (some worth millions) to open source groups for the past 15 years. I recently created a new non-profit: CharityCoin - we mint silver and gold coins with Celebrities for charities like the immunity project. Please see http://cplace.beepweb.co.uk/ for our demo site and contact me at reddit @ charitycoin dot org

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I know someone with severe depression. They have tried several medications - some work OK, but have to switch after long use to be more effective.

They are thinking about trying Psilocybin (magic mushrooms).

What do you think about using them? What should they look out for?

How does someone obtain them?