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FWIW, she didn't post the letter publicly. Only to a small invite only support group where she was sharing all the details of her journey. My friend with stage 4 cancer has a blog where she writes about her experience and I think it's much the same idea. That article badly misrepresented a perfectly nice person who was gaslighted and bullied by a bunch of more successful writers (yes I went down a one week rabbit hole back then).

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She wasn't even that self congratulatory! She was invited to participate in the rose bowl parade and posted about it! Every Facebook friend I have would have posted about that. After reading all the details, it's clearly the chunky monkey people who have issues. They were obsessed with her, texting about her all the time. Bullies and gossips.

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I know right! For some reason I thought I was going to be the only one to come up with this joke.