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onlyaskingmate538 karma

Wow... you just made me realise how weird it is that I can picture things in my brain! I never even thought about that before, that not everyone can do it. Insightful.

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Yes and it's how people say about movies adapted from books that certain actors are exactly as they imagined and others aren't at all.

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Yes, and I can change the colour and patterns at will. But I wonder if the initial way you see the cat is a reflection on you and your personality... e.g. when I read that, I imagined a white cat with a grey diamond on its forehead. It's sitting down on the porch.

This is really weird to think about to be honest! I never thought about this ability. How am i visualising something while my eyes are open?

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Are your dreams visual? If not, what do you dream?

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Sounds magical.