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Nahh... He answered that in an interview with MKBHD recently

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That's true... but the issue is motivation isn't it? Very few have the capacity to see value in studying especially when they go through it alone. Teachers and a classroom have always bridged that gap.

Perhaps if we can make the online environment more like a real classroom, that could help!

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Do we indeed have 10 years to spare in terms of Climate Change, or are we already experiencing the part of the worst climate effects and are indeed late in our efforts?

Thank you for the AMA Dr!

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What sort of Technology will we need in order to fight and help reverse the Climate Catastrophe?

Can we actually rely on just Renewables?

Don't solar panels for example contribute to the waste ecosystem as well and are we capable of fully meeting our Energy needs as well as emission requirements through these?

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Get this to the fucking top!!