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It's a trick question. The correct answer is "real fucking wood."

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With average human life span being around 70 years, a decade is a very long time.

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IMO and all their reasons are pretty well outlined on their website, but I'd point to his unwillingness to divulge himself of his businesses and blatant use of the office to further his business concerns as being grossly unconstitutional and well sufficient for the electors to deny him their vote.

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God damn it. You really know your characters in both this and the Doritto question you nailed it, and on the fly at that. Well done.

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As a cellist, I learned alto too just so I could play the viola parts when I got bored (which happens fairly often when you're a cellist in a mediocre orchestra...).

But it's been ages since I played anything from music. I've probably lost my ability to sight read other clefs. Though I bet it would come back quickly.