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There's a small chance we use performance enhancers. But the electricity tastes the same.

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Yep, you just go on top of the nacelle walk to the back and let it go. Also depending on the turbine type there are places you can pee our from inside(these places aren't designed to be peed out of, you just can)

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I hold my wee for no man.

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There are negligent companies that build wind farms too close to communities and homes that result in issues with shadow flicker on homes, on top of it being annoying I'm sure it creates potential issues for epileptic's. Though there are a lot of companies that install shadow mitigation technology that shuts their turbine down depending on the angle and distance of the shadow they cast. The sound is minimal, unless there is something wrong with the turbine I could live with the sound in my back yard and have no issues. Avian issues can be significant, the site I worked at in Wyoming "took" about a dozen Golden Eagles in three years I believe it was and was penalized for it. The company was very straight forward and reported all takes immediately though.

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The first time I climbed one I was very.... anxious we'll call it lol, though there are some jobs we've done in the past that definitely had me nervous. After a little while it just becomes like any other job, only your office is a little harder to get to.