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Clarification: a few cities in Minnesota utilize ranked choice voting for their local elections. It is not utilized at the statewide level.

I'm hopeful the success of RCV in St. Paul and Minneapolis will encourage leaders at the capitol to adopt it, but I think we're still years away from that.

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My question isn't about the making of the film but hopefully it'll slide. I supported this project on Kickstarter and thought the film was great. That said, the attention it's received has been largely limited to the lifestyle change/minimalism crowd. What kind of efforts (if any) are you taking to spread this film outside of that crowd?

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The crazy mayoral candidates was more an issue with an incredibly low filing fee to run for mayor, which if I'm not mistaken has since been increased. That's not a RCV-related issue though.

That said, I expect RCV to encourage nontraditional candidates, and I think that's a good thing.

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Thanks Adam, I love the way you've distributed the film so far but agree that iTunes could really help raise its profile. Good luck with this and future projects!