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What do you wear to work?

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My brother is having a pacemaker put in a few months. His heart rate is too slow and doesn't respond to high pressure situations, so he passes out when his body can't handle it. The doctor thinks some sort of heart problem plagues our family since our Grandfather died of cardiac arrest after working out a few years back.

The doctors say my brother has a perfect looking heart, but the problem is in the electrical part. I am supposed to get checked soon because I have a very slow heart rate, as well. Your post has encouraged me to get checked sooner rather than later, so thank you for that.

I hope all goes well for you!

Oh, and a question...hm. Do you know of anyone who is suffering with the same thing? Someone you can talk to?

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Have you ever spotted a friend/relative at the bar that you didn't know was gay?

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Ever had to write/edit an angry obituary? Where the person who died was hated by their family, so the entire obituary was just about how shitty of a person they were?

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Favorite Bruce Willis film?