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Is there anyone who a suicidal person can speak freely to without risking being outed? I know they 'should' seek help, but the risk of being locked up / losing their job / being punished by parents may discourage them from seeking any help at all.

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One major reason for people in acute crisis not to seek help is that they're afraid of being locked up (committed involuntarily). How does this possibility jive with the inaccessibility of inpatient care to those who want it?

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What happens to them if they decide to quit being Jewish and get a civil divorce? Surely if they want to stay Jewish they should follow Jewish rules. (I also think those rules are stupid, hence not Jewish.)

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No herpes required: hemophiliacs exist. Babies dying of circumcision has been going on for as long as there have been Jews, and those at high risk (e.g. mother's sister's son died of it) are excused.