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Intimidating - yes. Some might also say, obnoxious and difficult to work with.

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Good question. Saw her once in an elevator. Strangely, a very cold chill suddenly blew in the door. I never saw her again after that, but I felt icky.

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I think our storm and disaster coverage is really good, certainly what I'm most proud of. Hurricanes, earthquakes and the like - just telling the story of those folks and what they're going through is great. Also, letting America know what's happening in Libya, Syria, etc and why is a positive contribution.

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Shep is a very cool guy - and exactly how you see him on air. He's also very nice to his employees, but has a pretty short temper.

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I should clarify: the shooting of Rep Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) was a very terrible, horrific thing. But when you work in news for as long as I had, you get totally numb to it. It's just facts and witness accounts. You don't even think about the nature of the shooting or what reading about that kind of stuff does to you day in and day out. So I don't mean exciting as in "yay" ... I mean it as in "Holy S, alright let's do this."

edit: put the wrong party affiliation. my bad.