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There is an exhibit about this disease at the Mutter museum in Philadelphia, I found it heart-wrenching.

First thing I thought of. That museum is full of terror, but that exhibit has to be one of the worst ones. Literally torture.

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Transplants nowadays can be pretty damn effective (if you can afford a good one)

What is ballpark cost for good ones? We talking $10k range? More?

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I cannot imagine it. I can empathize with you, and I do. But I cannot imagine it. I am so sorry you have to live with it.

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Oh, I know this one! They have super low overhead because (1) they don't keep any inventory in the store itself, and (2) the staff is paid on commission. So basically, they're only expense is rent, electricity, and the paint on the walls. Note they're usually in lower rent areas.

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/r/touchmyfuckingcoffee I hear you on how canister vacuums are better at cleaning, a good canister vacuum is worth the money, and buying cheap vacuums is a waste in the long-term.

However, I think it's best to buy a decent tool that will actually be used than an otherwise great tool that won't be used. I can tell you that in my house, a heavy canister vacuum is a non-starter. It will sit in the closet forever.

Do you have any recommendations for something cordless, possibly hand-held?

I am tempted by the new Dyson V8, I know I shouldn't be, but there aren't many similar products on the market in terms of size, weight, and ease of use. Am I wrong?

EDIT: I have hardwood floors throughout, no wall-to-wall carpet.