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It sounds like it, but are you planning to make this a yearly thing? Because you really should. The idea to add the icon unlock was great (wouldn't have noticed otherwise). I can't remember if there was a popup in the app or if I had to go to settings to see it, but if there wasn't, you should add one next year to make sure nobody misses it.

And a selfish question: Any plans to bring Apollo to macOS? I'd really love a good reddit app on the desktop and with Catalyst I guess it wouldn't be too hard to bring over the iPad app. I'd be more than happy to pay again of you did :)

And happy belated birthday!

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I definitely want to bring Apollo to macOS. Stay tuned. :)

Any chance you'd be willing to give a hint at when we could expect something like that? I understand if you don't want to (I work with software too, so I know things can get delayed).

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I was at the protest in Cologne, Germany today. What else can I do besides talking to people about the situation and trying to convince them to become active too?

Biji Rojava!