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This was like looking in a mirror. Eerie.

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  • Recently a 93-year old Auschwitz guard was indicted by Germany as an accessory to the murder of 300,000. What do you think of the practice of NAZI-hunting: finding octogenarians and nonagenarians and chasing them to the gates of hell?

  • One day, the last survivor of the Shoah will perish. Will the historical legacy and collective memory endure among the broad (e.g., non-historian) public? Has humanity learned anything?

  • How would you grade the state of Germany's efforts at reparations? (My mother is still not receiving her Ghetto Pension despite filling out extensive paperwork with many witnesses testifying to her slave labor)

  • Which movies and books best capture the Shoah?

Thank you for taking time to do this AMA

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First of all, thank you for MAPS; it is a global treasure. History will remember you guys after we win our fight for cognitive liberty. Onto questions:

Recently, Dr. Mark Kleiman got the most enviable job in drug policy: he won a consulting contract to advise WA state on marijuana legalization. A recent profile of the brilliant, grumpy, eccentric Kleiman ended with a prediction from him that said the experiment “would end in tears.” Are Kleiman’s fears justified? Do you think Dr. M.A.R. Kleiman did a good job?

Which jurisdiction is doing the best job with legalization: CO, WA. or Uruguay?

Do you think that after the legalization laws go into effect in January, it will be easier to do research on cannabis, esp. high-CBD straings?

The vast majority of Amuricans are ok with MMJ. A bare majority are okay with recreational MJ. When will people be ok with psychedelics? Why can’t all the veterans get access to psilocybin and MDMA to help with PTSD?

What do you think of my man Dr. D. Nutt in the UK?

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  1. What do you think will be the #1 benefit from legalization of drugs?
  2. Will legalizing marijuana do anything on its own or do we have to legalize across-the-board to defeat the Black Market?
  3. Is there anything that can be done about the real problem of underage drug use? (After all, most people start drinking well before 21)

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Will I be able to live on a seastead in my lifetime (I'm about Patri's age)?