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I think the notebooks were destroyed to ensure Nazis couldn’t get them.

And, as controversial as this may be, fuck Nazis. (A bold stance, I’m sure.)

But, really, the serum also required special technologies for the injections, and a whole bunch of stuff... it was a really bad serum. Really effective, but super awkward.

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Strawberry works well with peanut butter. It also doesn’t overpower the banana. Rather, it’s an exceptional choice for adding a touch of tart and flavor, without removing the importance of other ingredients.

You could choose instead durian jam, but it’d be an entirely different experience.

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Hi! I’m gonna ask a lame question, but how much did your kidney weigh?

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Was dating advice something you initially thought you’d be good at, or was it just something and you found out you were good at it by providing the service?

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That’s really awesome! I wish you tons of success in the future! :D